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EAI, project management and change management



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Enhanced Consulting Services

Target-oriented consulting and process enhancement


Welcome to SAVISCON

SAVISCON provides products, consultancy and professional services for companies espacially in the branches of


  • Aviation Industry
  • Plant Engineering and construction
  • Shipping and Shipbuilding Industry


We are acting in advisory and executing capacity in IT-projects, re-organization projects and change management projects of our customer.


We focus on Enterprise Content Management (ECM), especially on the contemporary management of technical data, documentation and maintenance records for long living, high valuable assets. We enable our customers to have a complete, always up to date and correct set of documentation of their assets. When reselling, transferring or leasing back their assets this leads to significant monetary benefits for the customer due to higher efficiency and cost reduction.


Based on our experience and knowledge we deliver integrated and sustainable solutions which clearly fit to the customer's needs and strategy.

Our philosophy

To the point consulting based on experience and competence: Learn more about the basic principles and the people behind SAVISCON.

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You need a roadmap for future projects, a beneficial product, resources for project or change management, or an integrated concept for the processes and organization structures of a certain business unit: We support you effectively and efficiently to solve the challenges of your business.

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