Our Products and Services

We provide our customers with products, consultancy and professional services as described below.


Based on our experience we provide selected products to our customers, which we evaluate as beneficial for their business. These are our own products as well as products of our partners. The selection of products within a branch is supposed to integrate and complement the products with each other.

Products overview


Whatever your plans may be: With our project management experience and leadership we navigate you safely into your business future. We avoid project specific shallow waters and sail you back into the save waterways.

Consultancy overview

Professional Services

Besides planning and conceptional activities there are always tasks in a project, which must be completed hands on, competent and efficient. Given your team is fully booked, we can support you with our workforce. Also long-term outtasking of single tasks or even a complete business process outsourcing is part of our portfolio.

Services overview

How to contact us

If you have any questions or you would like to meet us personally, please contact us:


Phone:      +49 40 809081446

Fax:          +49 40 809081447

Email:       info@saviscon.com