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SAVISCON.COM is a sales partner for Swiss-based eDoc Industry GmbH and its product eDoc. eDoc is a software solution for technical documentation management in the plant engineering and construction sector.


Plant planning and engineering

eDoc has been specially designed to meet the needs of projekt teams that have to compiling large plant operating manuals. Many tedious and time consuming tasks have been automated.

The advantages are

  • Shorter time to completion
  • Better quality
  • Customer satisfaction


Plant operation

eDoc has a user interface that is optimised for plant operation.It helps to quickly find the required documents.

  • Allwas up to date documents prevents accidents
  • Central storage of all information. No more loss of know-how caused by personal private notes
  • All Documents in the system can be viewed without have rhe application on the desk top,
    e.g. AutoCad
  • For revision and plant conversion, all original documentst are in the system and can be edited

eDOc Software eDOC Software

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